Designed and developed by ATA studios, Aqua Tank is Strategy NFTs life time reward staking protocol, co-developed on the foundation of NFT-in-metaverse technology. This NFTs features an exclusive and game changing model on the BSC, Hold-to-Earn passive income mode.
Unlike any other blockchain games in the GameFi network, Aqua Tank is the pioneer in introducing the marine ecosystem to the BSC blockchain.
The idea of AquaTank is inspired by thousands of undiscovered Islands on different continents. Unreachable by humans, these Islands are populated by marine species. A home to different biospeheres. Now finally, getting utilized by the AquaTank project. Players on this protocol are insentivzed for discovering and holding on to different marine NFTs.
The Hold-to-Earn model of this protocol encompasses all NFTs utilities. Thus creating a highly monetized model for passive earning through strategically owning different NFTs!